Embedded Software Engineer

If you are very skilled with the use of a computer and want to expand your expertise, then becoming an embedded software engineer might be the next best thing.

What makes the embedded software engineer jobs different from any other in the IT sector is the fact that such an engineer has to develop and modify software programs that will help with the operation of various sophisticated hardware components.

Embedded Software Engineer Job Description

There are multiple types of specialized hardware and each one has its own configuration.

So then, what does an embedded software engineer do? The role of an embedded software engineer is to create the applications that will interface with these devices.

The task difficulty of the embedded system ranges depending on the hardware type that the embedded software engineer needs to develop software for. It can range from converting data from an internal antenna to a another format so it can be used by the rest of the device or as simple as transmitting signals after a button is pressed.

Once the embedded software engineer finishes the programming of a device, the work needs to be documented. This is so that the person who will operate the device will know such things like the necessary input data, the data format that is currently used by the device, how the device will act if it has to face various input types and output formats, among others. All this information will be included in the technical documentation.

Actually, most of the time an embedded software engineer is responsible for creating the documentation or manual as they are the ones who can describe the usage process in detail. In other cases a technical writer will write the manual based off of the detailed notes left by the engineer.

Embedded Software Engineer Salary

Depending on the country you want to work in, the embedded software engineer salary can be somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. On average, the embedded software engineer salary is said to be around $75,000 per year, although in the US it can usually get up to $80,000 or even more.

There are numerous things that can lower or raise the salary, and these are things like education, degrees, the type/uniqueness of the device you want to work with and numerous others.


Getting embedded software engineer jobs can be easy if you get the proper education.

You need to acquire numerous skills in order to become an embedded software engineer professional. These include but are not limited to C essentials, Linux fundamentals, microprocessor fundamentals, UML, Perl, Java, Android, Python, FGPA design, DSP, specific software engineering languages, real time OSes, design patterns and algorithms. The more programming languages you know, the higher the chances to get such a job.


Usually the most important degree that all embedded software engineer jobs require is a bachelors in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Additional diplomas that showcase your experience in programming certain pieces of hardware might be helpful as well.


The amount of experience required by an embedded software engineer job differs depending on the difficulty, but usually stands around 3-4 years.

General Duties and Responsibilities

Alongside the duties shown in the job description, you may also be teamed up with others, depending on the workplace. Sometimes you will work within a team, participate in focus groups, and test the software created by you or others. Lastly, there are some situations in which you will have to travel to the company’s subsidiaries.

In conclusion, getting an embedded software engineer job can be very rewarding from a financial perspective. You get the opportunity to put your technical expertise to work and there’s always something new and exciting to learn in this field of work.

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